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Wishing Tree

Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland
oil on canvas
36” x 48”

  • The greenest greens!
  • Country of myths and legends
  • Bleak times in history
  • Vibrant energy, creativity
  • Wishing Tree is filled with hopes – dreams without boundaries

Ireland has a dark past with much remembered heartache, from Viking invasions to The Troubles. In 1649 Cromwell and his men massacred 3,500 people in Drogheda. The Potato Famine in the mid 1800s amounted to a death toll of about one million. The Easter Rising 1916 was nine days of bloodshed. The Troubles, also known as the Northern Ireland Conflict, brought heartbreak. Yet the Irish seem a cheerful lot finding escape, joy and success through art, music, song, poetry, etc.

The Irish culture is full of folklore and myths. The sidhe (wee folk, fairies) have many entrances to the otherworld such as in burial mounds, under water and even at the base of Fairy Trees. These gateways are extremely important for the movement of the wee folk so they are heavily protected by magic. Some believe if you damage or cut down a Fairy Tree you’ll be faced with a life of bad luck. People leave prayers, gifts or personal tokens attached to the tree branches in the hope of receiving healing, good fortune or having a wish come true.

Glendalough means “the glen of two lakes” in the Irish language. This is a place of beautiful scenery and history, a great escape for hiking with spectacular views. In Glendalough you can explore an important early monastic site founded by
St. Keven in the 6th century. The adjacent cemetery is still in use and most of the old headstones are in good condition.

My daughter, Samantha, while studying in Ireland in 2017 left some Canadian influence with her Irish friends. Attached to the tree is a very Canadian dream catcher.

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