Colours and Textures for Sale

San Blas is not as tourist trodden as the Cusco streets at a lower altitude.  It is known as the balcony of Cusco with panoramic views. It is also known as the “barrio de los artesanos” (artisans’ quarter).

Cusco is the heart and soul of Peru’s textile industry.  There isn’t anything else that simply screams “Peruvian Andes” like the colourful goods made of the prize Alpaca wool. Many Cusqueño artisans still employ ancient weaving techniques, and they produce some of the finest textiles in South America. Cusco overflows with tiny shops stuffed with colorful wares and large markets crammed with dozens of stalls. Sadly, many of the handicrafts are now mass-produced outside of the region, though authentic textiles and crafts can still be found if you look in the right places.