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Magical Trek

Canyon Stakkholtsgjá (Stakkholts Canyon),
Thorsmork, Iceland
oil on canvas

  • Mysterious caves
  • Ancient Legends
  • Elves, trolls, huldufolk (hidden people)
  • Land of ice and snow
  • Glaciers, soaring cliffs, black sand beaches, waterfalls, hot springs

The steep walled canyon took several millennia to form. It is located near the entrance to Thorsmork valley, named after Thor, Viking God of Thunder.

Dramatic one hundred metre high palagonite cliffs surround the canyon. The walls of this rugged twisting gorge are covered with extremely green ancient moss. The canyon has hidden caves and vegetation covered shelves. During the hike a remarkable peace embraces your thoughts.  You are truly transported. Your imagination conjures up creatures from other dimensions. 

Iceland is a landscape that has inspired thousands of legends and brings to mind a multitude of your childhood fairytales. According to one study, up to 72 percent of people in Iceland believe in elves, trolls, and the huldufolk, or “hidden people”.  Huldufolk apparently look just like us but live in a different dimension inside rocks.

Iceland is a land of contrast –  land of ice and fire – legends and very modern technology.