Tourist in Laos

  • Peaceful, remote location surrounded by natural beauty
  • Small resort cabins lining the banks of the Nam Hinboun River
  • Dramatic backdrop of limestone mountains

Landlocked Laos is one of the world’s least developed countries. The people rely on agriculture and In recent years hydro-power has become a major industry.

Majestic white limestone mountains, sparse karst forests with vast hidden cave passages mark the outstanding beauty of the area. The ever growing number of tourists, while passing through, enjoy the remote villages, minority communities and traditional customs. There is no escape for the people of Laos who are among the poorest in the world. Is the young girl trying to capture a yellow bird of happiness?
Is she reaching out for freedom and a better life?

Life in Laos revolves around the need for water. Similar to dragons the Phaya Naga is a mythical serpent of the Mekong. It is both a symbol of water and its life-giving properties. This mythical creature is considered to be a protector of the Lao people.

Laos traces its first recorded history and its origins as a unified state to the emergence of the Kingdom of Lan Xang (literally, “million elephants”) in 1353. Under the rule of King Fa Ngum this once powerful and wealthy kingdom held sovereignty over much of what today is Thailand and Laos. There are remnants of the rich architectural heritage to be found mostly in remaining Buddhist temples/structures. Much has been lost through neglect and/or lack of financing. Presently there are a number of government and international conservation programs in place.