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The Light of Learning

Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
oil on canvas
16” x 20”

  • Ivy League university, history, tradition
  • Autumn’s bright red leaves
  • Light of learning, burning brightly from within historic campus building

Kingston’s nickname, “The Limestone City,” is a reference to the limestone buildings and bedrock upon which the city is built. The pale grey Kingston limestone was used for all major buildings before the 1930s. Limestone was the building material of choice because of the massive limestone beds just under the topsoil.

Queen’s is a university steeped in tradition and boasts some of the most prestigious undergraduate and graduate programs in all of Canada. Along with McGill and UWO, it ranks among the highest of Canadian Ivy League Universities.

The light of the window symbolizes many references to the terms “Lamp of Knowledge”, “Light of Learning”, and “Finding Your Inner LIght”. I am sure there are more phrases meaning the successful quest for information and knowledge.